About Us

Who Dhalione Are

I’m Sohel Dhali CEO Of Dhalione. I have a brand called Dhalione. Dhalione is a logo design service and digital product provider. Here you are getting Graphic Resources. Like_ LOGO DESIGN, brand identity, branding design,  stationary design and others . We are brand identity designer, specialist in logo design.

Want to work with us directly?

We Don’t know if you will work with us! Maybe YES OR NO. However-
We saying something about us.
We have been involved in this profession for the last 4 years. We will not talk about others. We try to give the quality of our work differently from everyone else. We don’t want to work with a client just once. We want to do more than one work with him.

And We can say with confidence!
We can give you a satisfying job, that’s for sure. Because of that, The main purpose of us work is to make the client happy enough. If we can satisfy you, then you will give us money. Am I right?

We see our clients’ work as one of our big problems. We don’t just try to solve it. We swear it. We will solve it. This is our main target for all work. We don’t just look at money. We keep an eye on satisfying our clients.

If you are interested in working with us. So, contact us and tell us the details about your work.

A Few Words About

Our Team

Currently we don’t have permanent such a big team. Sometimes I take the help of others. I am sohel dhali. I am the CEO and senior designer of dhalione.

Sohel Dhali

Founder - CEO

Jessica Pearson

Idea Genaretor

Rachel Zain

Marketing Head

Sohel Dhali

Logo Designer

Katrina Bennett

Branding Designer

Mike Ross

Brand Identity

Worldwide Services

You can receive dhalione products or services from all over the world

Best Quality

Dhalione is always working to give you the best products or services

Best Offers

The acceptable price is determined based on the quality of work of dhalione

Secure Payments

Deal with us by thinking your right hand is dhalione between your two hands in terms of faith